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RAG Holidays

RAG Holidays has been dedicated to providing travelers with the best in quality and value travel management solutions for years in the region. RAG Holidays being one of the leading travel companies in Dubai, we are dedicated to bringing travelers top-notch customer support services.

We provide expertly crafted tour packages as well as helpful travel assistance. Our travel management staff is capable of providing creative travel solutions while working in a pleasant environment.

RAG Holidays inspires our clients to live a full life full with amazing travel experiences!

Who We Are

RAG Holidays is an independently owned travel organization that ensures quality services, commitment to client benefits, and legitimacy. Being one of the leading travel agents in the Middle East, we offer premium travel services at affordable prices. We are headquartered in UAE with branches and operations in other parts of the region.

We have a team of experts that provide you with quality travel administration throughout the journey. Our team has a special place in our customer’s hearts due to our integrity and dedication to customer service. Our management team is engaged with the travel industry and committed to providing travel solutions that meet everyone’s budget.

Our team is friendly and pleasant that possesses deep knowledge about destinations. We offer personal services and handle your bookings efficiently from start to end, ensuring all your desired needs are met.

What We Do

At RAG Holidays, you can find the best travel services that exactly match your needs and budget. We offer an exclusive array of travel services, including, but not limited to;

Our Mission

RAG Holidays is on a mission to be the most trustworthy and leading travel company in the Middle East. We aim to set the standards for professionalism, reliability, trustworthiness, and transparency for our customers.

RAG Holidays strives hard to adopt innovation, integrity, commitment, and teamwork as our core values. We are working to build a leading travel agency in UAE in terms of;

  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer Service
  • Reliability
  • Reputation

Our Vision

RAG Holidays is a one-stop travel solutions provider in UAE that aims to grow continuously across the border in travel management services. We guarantee to put our customer’s delight first, ensuring quality services. We are working hard to provide tailor-made traveling solutions that are timely and beyond clients’ expectations.

Our Values

Solve it together

Working as a team, we make collaborations and harness the wisdom and energy of the crowd.


As a travel agency, we take pride in providing accurate information to our customers. Our honesty helps us excel from others and make decisions based on exact and firm facts.

Quality Services

We put all our effort, determination, and courage into becoming successful in what we are offering and what we are doing.


RAG Holidays – a leading travel agency in UAE, is committed to developing and implementing cutting-edge technology for our agents and customers.